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What do the CDR Hangup Causes mean?

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The following describe some of the more common Hangup Causes.


  • User spoke to another User and then transferred a call
  • Call went to multiple endpoints for a single User Extension (i.e. hard phone, soft phone, mobile phone app) and one of those endpoints received the call while the other(s) did not
    • e.g. Call from 7054171616 goes to Ext 1000, and Ext 1000 is set up on a hard phone and a mobile phone app
    • The Mobile phone app (at Ext 1000) gets the call first, so hard phone (also at Ext 1000) lost the race for the call
  • These are calls where the User connected to a voicemail and left a message, or didn’t, but never hung up the call ; the call eventually reaches the called voicemail's timeout
  • The call was connected and ended as expected; one party or the other ended the call after being connected
  • The call rang out. Could be one longer than normal ring or multiple rings
  • Call disconnected due to an incorrect configuration
  • Person who originated the call hung up before the other side answered
    • Outbound originator = User
    • Inbound Originator = Caller
  • This is usually associated with NAT (Network Address Translation) problem; a Firewall issue on the end where the phone is

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