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Development Freezes

Last Updated 7 months ago



Desktop Applications

All desktop applications and portals, including NuFoneâ„¢. No new modules or feature requests will be accepted during the freeze period

API and Web Services

Requests to modify or add functionality to API or Web services will not be permitted during the freeze period, including changes to common code, input parameters, response data or schema changes

Client Portals and GUI

No requests for new functionality, modules or the alteration of input or response data will be permitted during the freeze period



Immediate Bug Fixes

Any requests for changes which are considered a bug or deemed to affect the security, stability or availability of a service will continue to be accepted during the freeze period

Cosmetic / Text Change

Cosmetic changes, such as text changes to address typos, grammar or translatability may still be requested during the freeze, subject to approval by the Development team

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