How do I use Call Forward on my Polycom device?

Last Updated a year ago

To forward an incoming call as it is arriving:

  • On the Incoming Call screen, select Forward
  • Enter your contact’s number and select Forward

To forward all incoming calls:

  • On the Home Screen, select Forward
  • If you have more than one line, select a line
  • From the Forwarding Type Select screen, select the forwarding type you want:
    • Always - To forward all incoming calls
    • No Answer - To forward all unanswered incoming calls
    • Busy - To forward calls that arrive when you’re already in a call
  • Enter the forwarding number, and select Enable
    • If you chose No Answer, you can enter the number of rings before the call is forwarded; value of 2 is recommended

The forwarding number you chose displays in the status bar, as shown next. In this example, the line is forwarded to 2340...



If a phone line is idle, Lines view displays the forwarding icon, next to the phone line, as shown below.



To disable call forwarding:

  • On the Home Screen, select Forward
  • If you have more than one line, select a line
  • Choose your forwarding type and select Disable




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