How do I use a Headset with my Polycom device?

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The following buttons will be referenced in this article: Headset, Home


You can connect an analog headset to your phone. If an analog headset is connected and in use, the Headset button glows green.

If you use a headset, you can set up your phone so that all calls use your headset (Headset Memory Mode). If you use a headset that supports Electronic HookSwitch (EHS), you can press the hookswitch button to place, answer, and end calls. In addition, you may be able to mute calls and control volume from your headset.

Enabling Headset Memory Mode
This feature is useful for permanent or full-time headset users. You can set up your phone so that all incoming and outgoing calls use your headset. At any time, you can switch to handset or speakerphone mode.

To use Headset Memory Mode, you must enable, and then activate, Headset Memory Mode. When Headset Memory Mode is activated, the Headset button flashes either green (for analog headsets) or blue (for USB or Bluetooth headsets).

To enable Headset Memory Mode:

  1. Select Settings from Home view, and select Basic > Preferences > HeadsetHeadset Memory
  2. From the Headset Memory Mode screen, select Enabled
  3. Press the Home button
  4. To activate Headset Memory Mode, press the Headset button twice. The Headset key will flash to indicate that the phone is in Headset Memory Mode

Now, whenever you answer a call, the call will connect to your headset automatically.

If you switch to the speakerphone or the handset, you deactivate Headset Memory Mode. Calls will no longer automatically go to your headset, unless you choose this mode. To have calls go to your headset again, activate Headset Memory Mode by pressing the Headset button twice.



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